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We are the last of the greats, the children of the heroes forgotten in the folds of time, we are here to captivate the world…one word at a time…

Mecca-Amirah Jackson | Co-Founder of Indigo Dreamers Publishing

Where Creatives Meet

A cultivated hub for creatives and hobby enthusiasts, Our goal is to create a growing eclectic community of those who choose to actively pursue their dreams.

Indigo Dreamers Publishing is a user-friendly platform where artists and creatives can promote and share their work. Based out of Manhattan, New York, Indigo Dreamers Publishing has connected with many local artists and entertainment companies across the tri-state and is actively looking to expand nationwide and globally.

Coming Soon | October 2020

When I Woke Up- Jahvon Brown

Available Fall | 2020

Weightless Complete Collection- Mecca-Amirah Jackson

Available Now

When I Woke Up- J.Brown

Available Now

Ascend- Mecca-Amirah Jackson